How to Be an Alpha Male

Alpha University provides leading instruction in the field of finance, love, and health to make men more alpha.

What is an Alpha Male?

The answer to that question is a male that is dominant philosophically, as well as dominant in finance, love & health. When we are asking that question we are really trying to find out:

How to use reason, remain unreactive, and pursue your intentionality in any situation?
How to select, attract, escalate, have sex with, and commit to a beautiful feminine woman?
How to become a millionaire before 40 years old without sacrificing quality of life by building a perpetuity?
How to build an athletic and muscular body for life?

Alpha University has been founded to answer these questions and has built proprietary methodologies to answer each question. To answer the first question, we introduce the philosophy of objectivism and the philosophy of alpha and beta. We discuss how this forms a core that lays the foundation for confidence and achievement.

For the second question, we explore gender archetypes as a model that we can apply to selection, the Alpha and Beta model. We also learn about the science of attraction and how to spike and maintain attraction with the Positive Tension model. Finally, we deal with the issue of selection using the Network to Love model.

To answer the third question, we instruct the reader as to the method within which one becomes a millionaire, namely building or buying a perpetuity. In order to build or buy a perpetuity, the individual must be knowledgeable of engineering in its various forms be it financial engineering, software engineering, medical, or legal. The Alpha in Finance section of this book aids the individual in selecting their desired knowledge working career within which to earn $1M. Additionally the text covers the process of building a perpetuity in the context of digital entrepreneurship. After earning your $1M in cash, one needs to determine where to invest the cash and generate passive income that exceeds ones expenses. The location within which one retires is going to play a large factor in one’s ability to retire from their knowledge working career and transition into full time perpetuity building and growth.

To answer the final question, we apply the concept of body types. We discuss what ideal body types are for the male and how to obtain them.

When the male implements these models in their life on a regular basis and builds capabilities in philosophy, finance, love and health, they may say that they have become an alpha male.

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