How to Be an Alpha Male

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Alpha Male vs. Beta Male

As discussed, alpha is the gender archetype for the male. Alpha is masculinity. Masculinity is defined by the male’s focus, passion, and intensity in the four aspects of life; philosophy, love, health, and finance. An alpha male sees his primary role in life as love with a beta (feminine) female as well as the building of a perpetuity.

Alpha is synonymous with high value for the male. The female is evolutionarily programmed to select, have sex with, build love with, and commit with an alpha male.

1. Philosophy:

The Alpha Code: The alpha male does not cheat on a beta female but is free to be with other women if the female is not beta. The key is to determine if the female is beta or not. If she is not beta, then the male should simply enjoy sex with her and then spend his time looking for a beta female. When he finds a beta female he should be exclusive with her and enjoy alpha and beta in love.

Advocates and espouses gender archetypes (alpha for the male and beta for the female) and the love archetype

See the individual as being sovereign unto themselves and that their own self-interest is the highest moral purpose of their lives.

2. Love:

Alpha males look for high value girls rather than just any girl. Alpha males have standards and hold their women to standards.

Know and advocate that there is no "wrong" or "sin" or “victim” in male/female relations and sex is natural and healthy.

Possesses game (cocky, teasing, sexual): know and implement the positive tension model in the pickup phase and in relationship

True love is his goal

Takes the lead in sexual encounters

3. Finance:

Strives for good grades and actually cares about learning the material to then become a thought leader in his field

Pursues learning outside of the classroom, reading on his own time

Knowledgeable regarding Perpetuity Science and builds/grows/sells/buys perpetuities

4. Health:

Has or is building a mectomorph or mesomorph body type

Bodybuilds: Workouts that include the major masculine muscle groups including: bench, arms, shrugs, back/lats

Diet of no sugar, low carbs, low fat, high protein

On the other end of the value spectrum (low value), is the beta male. A beta male is the opposite of the gender archetype for the male (i.e. feminine). A beta male is synonymous with low value. Beta males do not possess optionality. Beta males do not see their primary role as love with a beta (feminine) female nor the building of a perpetuity.

1. Philosophy:

Primary method of influencing others is bias in the form of framing, ingroup/outgroup bullying, censorship and histrionics

Beta males possess a biased philosophy (progressivism or moralism) and model the opposite gender archetype (i.e. femininity)

See all aspects of life as zero sum meaning that for there to be a winner there has to be a loser. They extend this to imply that the winner therefore is a victimizer and the loser is thus a victim. They further extend this flawed reasoning to male/female relations (hence feminism), to economics (hence Marxism), and politics (hence Progressivism)

Are intellectually submissive has to do with the male or female’s advocacy of the philosophy of bias including progressivism/feminism and moralism. Philosophical submissiveness conveys low value for the male and female.

Advocate that there is no objective reality.

Moralist (the concept of “sin” and non-scientific view of God)

Progressive (hostile to reason, gender archetypes and the love archetype)

See the sacrificing of another’s self-interest as a necessary component to advance their agenda.

2. Love:

See love as requiring sacrifice which is not consistent with reason and is thus not looking for true love.

Has no game and does not want to have game

Relies on the female to take the lead in sexual encounters

Pickup as a lifestyle with no standards for women

Sees impregnating a woman as a means to keeping her

3. Finance:

Does not care about grades or learning the material

Does not know Perpetuity Science or care to build perpetuities

Does not attempt to add value

4. Health:

Does not work out

Does not eat healthy

Does not attempt to dress well and does not care about appearances

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