How to Be an Alpha Male

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Assume Horniness

Alphas have a high sex drive and want sex all the time. Some men were born with lower sex drives than others. For those that find themselves having sex infrequently, one should assume that they are horny even if they do not currently feel it and then take action to satisfy that horniness. In doing so you condition yourself to be horny more often and in doing so increases your sex drive. Simply by consciously choosing horniness, you can make yourself more horny. As a rule of thumb, you should either be busy doing work (i.e. career, building perpetuities, working out) or you should be escalating physically with your girl towards sex. When the logistics are not right for sex, you should be communicating your horniness to your girl via text, phone call, or directly telling her. Alphas sexualize all interactions with their women and their women love them for it. Assume horniness and become alpha.

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