How to Be an Alpha Male

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Biased Philosophies

Philosophies not consistent with reason and metaphysics are known as biased. The leading biased philosophies in the West are:


It is important for the male to develop philosophy consistent with reason and metaphysics.

Biased Philosophies:


Progressivism advocates behavior (i.e. advocates the girl becoming more alpha and the male becoming more beta). Progressives portray the female being alpha as heroic and the male being beta as heroic. You can look at how media, universities, and politicians portray beta males as heroic. A culture’s heroes convey its ideals. The progressive schema is also hostile to the value schema and sees a system designed around value (i.e. the maximization of pleasure) as “unfair”.


Moralism is another biased philosophy as it is not consistent with the reason and metaphysics in that the moralist advocates “sin” and a personal God that enforces morality. As we know, there is no “sin” in nature. We also know from science that God is the infrastructure that allows the multiverse to exist (dark matter).

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