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Bioelectricity & Evolution

In order to become an alpha male, it is crucial to understand human behavior and its drivers. Humans, while possessing free will are ultimately driven by pleasure in the form of bioelectricity. Bioelectricity is the cause of pleasure for and governs the behavior of organic life. After the needs of survival are met (i.e. food, shelter, water, clothing), bioelectricity guides humans towards more pleasure. Organic matter moves towards more bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure) automatically without choice. The human brain and body evolved to conduct more pleasure in the form of bioelectricity. Human behavior can be explained by the effort to obtain more and experience bioelectricity.

The nature of the mind is bioelectricity in the brain. The brain acts as the infrastructure conducting the bioelectricity (ie mind). The earliest organic life found that bioelectricity was increased when they integrated with other organic life and worked as one. Bioelectricity acted as a coordinating mechanism allowing the new life form to operate as one and continue evolving to maximize bioelectricity. The cells that make up the human are guided by bioelectricity individually. The precursors to human life were guided by bioelectricity and found out that working together created the infrastructure for the maximum conduction of bioelectricity. The human brain evolved to conduct more bioelectricity and bring maximum pleasure to the human.

Evolution is towards the maximization of bioelectricity. The male and female evolved to maximize bioelectricity and what evolved was the human ego (alpha for the male, beta for the female). Human progress is towards the maximization of bioelectricity; it can be said that evolution is a selfish phenomena. The magical thing about bioelectricity is that it facilitates reasoning and is pleasureful at the same time!

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