How to Be an Alpha Male

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Clarity vs. Agreement

Remember that alphas do not display certainty seeking behavior and are comfortable operating in a context of tension. A wise Jewish man once said, “seek clarity rather than agreement”. Alphas seek clarity rather than agreement with people. So when you disagree with someone, that is ok. You would rather be clear than to try to supplicate to agreement with them. They will respect you more and you will respect yourself more for clarity than simply agreeing with them trying to seek certainty.

When someone does not agree with you regarding the Alpha & Beta model, you do not have to convince them. Simply explain that, “A wise man once said seek clarity rather than agreement”. It is better to clearly understand each other’s position. Most times, those that disagree with gender archetypes and the Alpha & Beta model are those that have their identities tied to a purely subjective view of the world. They do not want to live in a world with an objective reality and actually assess their own level of value, let alone do the work to become high value. This purely subjective view of the world can be viewed as a rationalization as a result of cognitive dissonance driven by one’s realization that they are low value.

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