How to Be an Alpha Male

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A Day in the Life of an Alpha Male

For those that desire to become an alpha male, it is important to have an idea or a mental picture of what the life of an alpha male actually looks like.

7:00 am – I wake up naked next to beta female wife. Cuddle and have sex using morning wood. We tell each other “I love you” while I am inside of her.

8:00 am – Naked wife is making breakfast. Check work email for IOIs from buyers as well as appointments for the day. Running a boutique M&A shop means that time is spent winning engagements as well as working with buyers on existing engagements to move them towards making and offer and ultimately closing. There are three calls for the day; one at 11 am with a potential seller. The business has approximately $10M in revenues as well as $1.5M in EBITDA. Multiples for businesses that are under $25M in total enterprise value (TEV) typically get done at a 5x to 5.5x EBITDA multiple. The two other calls are in the afternoon at 1pm and 2pm and they are both with lower middle market PE firms that are interested in the firm’s engagements. Eat breakfast with the wife. She made eggs, irish oatmeal, fresh fruit, and black coffee. Delicious.

9:00 am – Put workout clothes on and bring wife to the gym inside the building. Workout for an hour doing bodybuilding, working on the major masculine muscle groups. After strength training begin to run on the treadmill. Running generates a natural high. The wife loves to see me bodybuild; it turns her on.

10:00 am – Back to the condo and I strip my wife naked. We take a shower together and wash each other.

11:00 am – I call the seller and discuss our firm and what we do. I ask the seller about price expectations of the business as well as how performance has been last year. We get a general agreement as to multiple range which is 5x to 5.5x EBITDA and fee which turns out to be 6%. After the call I make a note to draft the engagement agreement which I send to the seller later in the day.

12:00 pm – Check Alpha University email account for recent enrollments. Make video article on game in relationship and discuss the Positive Tension Model. Upload to YouTube and link to the site for Alpha TV.

1:00 pm – Call East coast private equity group that is interested in manufacturing engagement. Discuss industry interest and if there is any experience dealing with similar companies. Write down the questions that the PE firm has; these will be relayed to the seller. Finally, ask what multiples that they are seeing in the marketplace for deals like this as well as where they typically come in at. This is going to help in prioritizing buyers.

2:00 pm – Call with Florida based private equity group that is interested in business services engagement. You find out that they typically come in at 5x but will go higher depending on whether the business has substantial % of recurring revenue as well as low CAPEX.

3:00 pm – I check work emails to see if any buyers have sent an IOI. My analyst has scheduled another meeting for tomorrow meeting with a communications company that does $20M in revenues.

4:00 pm – I go to a closing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The purchase price is $4M with a 6% fee. This means a $240,000 fee. I drive to the bank after receiving the check and deposit it into my savings account. I am going to hit my $1M cash target in another few years.

5:30 pm - My wife gets dressed is a sexy skirt and top and we are going out on South Beach for dinner, drinks and dancing. I am in a dress shirt and jeans.

6:30 pm – We are dining at a high end seafood restaurant. She orders fish and a mojito. I order the lobster and a vodka tonic with a lime.

8:00 pm – We go to a lounge/dance club playing house music. She orders another mojito and I have another vodka tonic. We drink and dance together. It is so much fun having a beautiful, sexy and loving wife.

10:30 pm – We take a cab back to the condo. Once we get back inside, I kiss her and take her clothes off. We have oral sex first and then we fuck on the couch overlooking the city.

11:30 pm – We shower, brush our teeth and go to bed

12:00 am – We say “I love you” and cuddle until we fall asleep together. Life is amazing.

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