How to Be an Alpha Male

Alpha University provides leading instruction in the field of finance, love, and health to make men more alpha.

The Dominant Narrative

The dominant narrative is the high value males having sex with high value females, building perpetuities, working out, and being reasoned. This is the Alpha & Beta way of life. This way of life is under attack from the biased, including moralists/religious and progressives that seek to do away with the natural organizing of society (i.e. capitalism). There is no victim in the natural organizing of society. There are those that simply have less value (beta males and alpha females) and those that have high value (alpha males and beta females). It is upon those with low value to do the work (behavioral modeling) to increase their value.

The beta males and alpha females decided that instead of becoming high value by becoming objective, behavioral modeling and building perpetuities, they would organize to change the natural organizing of society to reward beta males and alpha females. This is what has happened in the West to corporate America, education, politics.

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