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Femininity vs. Feminism

Girls need to understand that women’s rights and feminism are entirely different things. Women’s rights come from nature and are protected by reason. Feminism comes from the philosophy of Marxism and views the world in terms of victimizer/victims especially in male/female relations. To them, relationships are zero sum meaning that there is a clearly defined winner and a clearly defined loser. Thus, they view true love as something that is not real and ultimately a negative thing for a woman.

Feminine women possess reason and behaviorally model their gender's archetype, beta (in line with the Alpha and Beta behavioral model). Feminists are biased and behaviorally model the opposite sex's gender archetype (the opposite of the Alpha and Beta behavioral model).

Girls that behaviorally model the opposite sex are unattractive to males (especially alpha males). Feminists are hostile to reason, gender archetypes and the love archetype. It is important to qualify the female to determine if she is a feminist (i.e. alpha female). You can simply ask her, “Does she consider herself a feminist?” or “Does she consider herself a feminine woman?”. After these questions you can even explain to her the Alpha and Beta model and then see her reaction. If she gets offended, then you are dealing with an alpha female (i.e. low value). If she does not get offended and says that this makes sense, then there is a higher chance that she is a beta female (i.e. high value). With these questions, you are trying to find out whether she is a beta female or an alpha female. Once again, beta females are high value and alpha females are low value.

Alpha males look for high value girls rather than just any girl. Alpha males have standards and hold their women to standards.

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