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What is a Gender Archetype?

Continuing to extend the concept of the archetype to the sexes, we get gender archetypes. Unfortunately, in the Western world, we have a relatively new phenomena in the past few decades, the fall of gender archetypes. Gender archetypes provide the ideal for both the male and female and provide an initial distinction that guides human behavior. The initial distinctions that are provided by gender archetypes is represented in the Alpha & Beta Model taught at Alpha University. The Alpha & Beta Model states that the gender archetype for the male is alpha (i.e. masculinity) and the gender archetype for the female is beta (i.e. femininity):

The distinctions in the Alpha & Beta Model are foundation and provide the core to developing philosophically.

The instruction of gender archetypes used to occur at the level of the family, community, and institutions. This no-longer occurs in the West and in fact, we now see the opposite of gender archetypes being reinforced and held out as heroic by university, media, and politicians.

The main themes portrayed in the West are the female being alpha portrayed as a hero and the male being beta portrayed as a hero. This conflicts with the Alpha & Beta Behavioral Model taught at Alpha University. The Alpha & Beta Behavioral Model teaches us traditional gender archetypes (alpha for the male and beta for the female) and the love archetype (alpha and beta in love).

Archetypes are important as they indicate a society’s primary philosophy and shapes behavior which translates into culture. As archetypes become neglected, the social fabric of society begins to erode and biased culture fills the void. We see this today with progressivism and feminism in the West:

This is the leading challenge to Western civilization; the erosion and demonization of our ideals, and it provides an opportunity for men and women to take responsibility for change and to teach ourselves, families, communities and country about gender archetypes. The best way to do this is by using the Alpha & Beta Model:

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