How to Be an Alpha Male

Alpha University provides leading instruction in the field of finance, love, and health to make men more alpha.

What Should a Girl Look for in a Male?

Alpha (i.e. masculinity)

Possesses reason and alpha & beta philosophy:
Advocates and espouses gender archetypes (alpha for the male and beta for the female) and the love archetype

Avoid those with bias including those with a:
Moralist/religious (the concept of “sin” and non-scientific view of God, hostile to reason)
Progressive (hostile to reason, gender archetypes and the love archetype)

Corporate finance/investment banking/investment management. Either studying finance or working in finance

Game (cocky, teasing, sexual). Guys that know and implement the positive tension model in the pickup phase and in relationship.

Male should have a mectomorph or mesomorph body type:

Mectomorph body type: Cannot put on fat and can put on some muscle mass. Muscle is entirely fast twitch.

Mesomorph body type: Can put on muscle mass without fat without limit. Muscle is a combination of fast twitch and slow twitch.

Workouts that include the major masculine muscle groups including: bench, arms, shrugs, back/lats

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