How to Be an Alpha Male

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High Value vs. Low Value

The objective truth is that some people have higher value and some people have lower value. Those with higher value are reasoned and model their gender’s archetype. Those with lower value are biased and do not. Those with the lowest value model the opposite sex's gender archetype. A female does not get more value by being alpha, she gets more value by being beta. A male does not get more value by being beta, he gets more value by being alpha.

Society naturally organizes around high value. Progressives/feminists and moralists call this unfair. High value males (alpha) get sex from high value females (beta). High value males build perpetuities (career is a perpetuity) and use them to support high value females. This social system is called Capitalism. There is nothing unfair about this. It is only low value males (beta) and low value females (alpha) that are unwilling to be reasoned and model their gender's archetype that complain about this. Alphas do not associate with low value people.

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