How to Be an Alpha Male

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Intellectually Dominant vs. Intellectually Submissive

In addition to being dominant in finance, love, and health, an alpha male is dominant philosophically (i.e. objective). That is what we cover in the Alpha Philosophy portion of this text and the How to Be an Alpha Male course.

Dominant philosophically has to do with the male or female’s knowledge and application of the philosophy of objectivism and the philosophy of alpha & beta. Girls can be knowledgeable philosophically and still be beta. Alpha males teach their girls to be knowledgeable philosophically in order to protect them from progressivism/feminism and moralism.

Being intellectually submissive has to do with the male or female’s advocacy of the philosophy of bias including progressivism/feminism and moralism. Philosophical submissiveness conveys low value for the male and female. These individuals would include the beta male and the alpha female. Another tell regarding those that are non-dominant intellectually/philosophically are those that advocate that there is no objective reality.

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