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1. Objective reality – nature, to be commanded must be obeyed. Wishing won’t make it so.
2. Reason – objectivity rather than bias
3. Self-interest – man is an end in himself. Man’s own happiness is the highest moral pursuit.
4. Capitalism – value trading without coercion.

Philosophy and human nature:
Metaphysics – nature of the universe as a whole, pertaining to existence

What is the essence of human nature?
The objective view of man is living being with an objective identity with reason as the means of survival. Things are not given to him automatically by reality. He can obtain value only by his own action (by production).

What is the nature of reality?
Reality exists outside of consciousness.

What is man’s nature and means of human knowledge (epistemology)
To survive, man must use reason by integrating conceptual knowledge with material from the senses. Life requires the achievement of values which requires actions, which requires productivity, which requires conceptual knowledge, which requires reason.

The biased try to rewrite the nature of man to be biased (ex. “collective”, “altruistic”). From there they created a set of values in line with this frame.

Actions achieve value. He needs knowledge to determine which actions yield the most value.

Reason – the faculty that integrates conceptual knowledge and the material provided by the senses.

Values flow from the nature of man.

Ethics – values to guide human choices

Politics – role of government

Aesthetics – proper standards of art

20% production of food in society

80% other productivity towards advancement. The role of the creators and innovators

Life expectancy is higher in countries with objective cultures and lower in countries with biased cultures

Reason is an attribute of the individual. There is no collective mind. The biased claim that there is collective thinking or a collective mind hence their emphasis on consensus. Thought is not collective.

No work is done collectively. It is under the guidance of a single man’s thoughts.

Man is an entity.

The biased (ex. Collectivists) are wrong metaphysically. Collective is a frame.

The only kind of thought which exists is individual thought. The private process of thought.

The biased frame that there is another type of thought. A metaphysics not consistent with reality.

Integrating sensory data to conceptual knowledge.

Man is autonomous and rational.

Man’s means of knowledge. Reason is the means of man’s acquisition of knowledge.

God is a word for the infrastructure of reality (ie. Dark matter)

What is capitalism?
The social system proper for man consistent with man’s nature:

Rational faculty (reason) to gain conceptual knowledge then to apply concepts to material from the senses in real time. Reason is an individual mind, not a collective mind/brain.

Action required to sustain human life is intellectual.

Production is the application of reason to the problem of survival.

The struggle:

Biased vs The Objective

Man’s survival requires that those who think be free of the interference of those who don’t. Freedom is the fundamental requirement of man’s mind.

The rational mind does not work under compulsion. It does not subordinate its grasp of reality. It does not sacrifice its knowledge of the truth. A mind cannot be forced. A gun is not an argument.

The social recognition of man’s rational nature is the concept of individual rights. “Rights” are a moral principle defining and sanctioning a man’s freedom of action in a social context.

1. Right to life
2. Right to property
3. Right to be objective without fear of punishment

What is a social system?

A social system is a set of moral, political, and economic principles embodied in a society’s laws, institutions, and government which determine the relationships, the terms of association among the men living in a geographical area.

Key questions:
1. Does a social system recognize individual rights?
2. Does a social system ban physical force from human relationships?
3. Is man a sovereign individual or is he the property of the tribe (state, society, collective)?
4. Is man free?

Capitalism is the only system that answers yes.

Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.

In a capitalist society; no man or group may initiate physical force or the threat of force against others. Political correctness is the threat of force against the objective.

The only function of government is to protect man’s rights; protecting him from physical force. Government is the means of placing the retaliatory use of force under objective control.

In a capitalist society, all human relationships are voluntary. Men deal with one another only by reason, discussion, persuasion, and contractual agreement.

Private property protects and implements the right to disagree.

Capitalism keeps the road open to the creative mind.

Moral justification of capitalism:

Only system consistent with man’s rational nature, its ruling principle is justice, protects man’s survival. “common good” and “public interest” are frames that has served as the foundation for all tyrannies.

There is no such entity as the “tribe” or the “public”; they are only a number of individual men.

Good and value pertain only to an individual living organism.

Schools of thought on the nature of the Good:
1. Moralist – good inherent regardless of context or consequence
2. Subjective/relative – good bears no relation to facts of reality. Good is created by man’s consciousness
3. Objective – good is an evaluation of the facts of reality by man’s consciousness according to a rational standard of value. Good is an aspect of reality in relation to man.

The moralist and subjective/relative theories make it possible for man to believe that the good is independent of man’s mind and can only be achieved by physical force. The moralist and subjective/relative theories have created Stalin, Hitler, and Lenin.

When Good is arbitrary/subjective. Force becomes the only way of dealing with one another.

Reason: the only means of communication. Objective reality; the only common reference.

Objective theory of values incompatible with rule by force.

Capitalism is only system based implicitly on objective theory of values. The Good is objective; attempt to achieve the good by force is a contradiction. The good is in objective reality and to be discovered by man’s mind.

Man’s capacity to value. To recognize the good.

Values cannot exist (be valued) outside of the full context of a man’s life, needs, goals, and knowledge.

The recognition of individual rights implies the good is not an abstraction or a supernatural dimension.

The good is a value pertaining to reality, to the earth, to the lives of individual human beings.

Men are not interchangeable.

Values are not determined by fiat or majority rule.

You have no social duty. Your own life is your own responsibility.

The only thing that a capitalist system requires is that which nature requires; rationality.

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