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Reasoned Culture vs. Biased Culture

Objective cultures both advocate and espouse reason, the gender archetypes and the love archetype. Objective cultures exist in the East (ex. Eastern Europe, South Asia, East Asia). Biased cultures are hostile to reason, gender archetypes and the love archetype. Biased cultures exist is the West (ex. USA and Western Europe). Biased cultures portray the woman being alpha as heroic (i.e. high value) and the male being beta as heroic (i.e. high value).

As you will observe in the Culture Model on the following page, philosophy drives behavior which in turn drives culture. When you put in bias as an input you get biased behavior (process) and ultimately a biased culture (output). Biased culture is characterized by zero sum meaning that life is seen as transactional with winners and losers in every transaction and thus a victimizer and victim in every interaction including male/female relationships. As such, true love is not seen as the goal and is even viewed as not existing. This sort of culture is not conducive to value creation and actually will destroy value.

A reasoned/objective culture is characterized as being synergistic where relationships translate into additional value being created which are more than the sum of the parts including male/female relations. True love is seen as the goal and is strived for by all. This culture is conducive to value creation.

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