How to Be an Alpha Male

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Relationship & Search Costs

When you are in a relationship or married to a beta female, you have more time to build perpetuities and to work out which would otherwise be spent trying to find sex (relationship eliminates search costs) if you were simply pursuing pickup. Marriage to a beta female entirely eliminates search costs.

The benefits of variety that come with pickup do not outweigh the costs associated with search costs, especially for those living in a country with a biased (feminist) culture. When you live in a country with a feminist culture, search costs almost become infinite within the geography of the country. One must search in different countries in order to find a beta female.

For men living in countries with objective cultures, search costs are extremely low and pickup becomes more viable. However, relationship with a beta female is the preferred route as there are benefits that are not available to those just pursuing pickup such as being in love, cuddling, working out together, enjoying meals together, listening to music together.

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