How to Be an Alpha Male

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Pickup either assumes that all girls are equally valuable and has no standards or claims that their value is entirely determined by their looks. PUAs typically refer to attractive females as HB and a number as if her looks entirely determine her value. This is simply not the truth. Girls that are beta (i.e. feminine) have high value. Girls that are alpha (i.e. masculine) have low value despite how physically attractive they are. If you find yourself settling for sex with low value women (i.e. alpha females), I suggest that you raise your standards.

Before you get in field, it is crucial to get your intentions and standards defined.

Males should look for high value (i.e. beta) females and stay away from low value (i.e. alpha) females.

In the USA and Western Europe (i.e. the West), we have a biased culture that is hostile to reason, gender archetypes and the love archetype. Biased cultures portray women being alpha as heroic (i.e. high value) and men being beta as heroic (i.e. high value).

So what do we do as a male in the West?

Make the effort to find high value women globally in the East. In the East, reason, gender archetypes and the love archetype are alive and well. We must utilize the internet and social networks to connect with these beta females and build a real relationship. It will be lasting.

You do not have to settle for low value women.

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