How to Be an Alpha Male

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Value & Pleasure

As mentioned, bioelectricity not only facilitates reasoning (i.e. the mind) but is also pleasureful. The human ego and pleasure are intertwined.

The reward for creating value and being valuable is bioelectricity. This speaks to the relationship between value and pleasure.

The key to being high value is to be bioelectricity causing (i.e. value creating). The key to this is being the gender archetype in health, love, and finance (discussed in Alpha and Beta in Love presentation). One can do this especially with game as it spikes and maintains high levels of bioelectricity in the female.

Attraction is not a choice. Bioelectricity drives human behavior. High value males maximize their own bioelectricity through relationships, finance, and health. Being high value means maximizing your own bioelectricity and the bioelectricity of others.

Alpha is high value (bioelectricity maximizing) for the male and beta is high value (bioelectricity maximizing) for the female. There is a difference between being high value and being rich. High value means that you maximize bioelectricity in yourself and others (alpha for male and beta for female). Rich people are not necessarily high value. There is a distinction between money and value. Those that only pursue money are not high value even if they have more money than those that are high value.

The key question that all should ask is, "how do I become high value?"

The answer is alpha for the male and beta for the female.

Would you rather have the most pleasure in the world or the most money in the world?

The reasoned answer is the most pleasure in the world. Money simply allows us to pursue our self-interest and have our essential needs met.

The reasoned human maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure) rather than money.

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