How to Be an Alpha Male

How to Be an Alpha Male book focuses on alpha in finance, health, & game

A brief summary

Become alpha in finance by learning how to be a finance professional that is able to work in careers such as investment banking and private equity. Master game by learning how to select, attract, escalate, and commit with a feminine (beta) girl.

Michael Herlache MBA - Alpha University

What you will learn

You will learn game & finance.

  • Alpha in finance
  • Game
  • Alpha in health

How to Be an Alpha Male Book


Chapter 1: Alpha Male Methodology

Chapter 2: Reason & The Genders
Chapter 2: High Value Models
Chapter 3: What is an Archetype?
Chapter 4: Gender Archetypes
Chapter 5: Alpha Male vs. Beta Male
Chapter 6: Beta Female vs. Alpha Female
Chapter 7: How to Be a Beta Female?
Chapter 9: Where to Find Beta Females?
Chapter 10: The Purpose of Life: Alpha & Beta in Love
Chapter 11: Behavioral Modeling
Chapter 12: The Value Spectrum
Chapter 13: The Purpose of Life
Chapter 14: Principles of Alpha & Beta
Chapter 15: Ego
Chapter 16: How to Reason?
Chapter 16: Reason vs. Bias
Chapter 16: Zero Sum vs. Positive Sum & Synergy
Chapter 16: The Natural Organizing of Society
Chapter 17: Protecting the Natural Organizing of Society
Chapter 18: The Reasoned Narrative
Chapter 19: The Biased Narrative
Chapter 20: Dealing with Accusations from Beta Males & Alpha Females
Chapter 21: Objectivism
Chapter 22: Epistemology, Reason & Schema
Chapter 23: Biased Philosophies
Chapter 24: Reasoned Behavior vs Biased Behavior
Chapter 25: The Reason Reward Cycle
Chapter 26: Clarity vs. Agreement
Chapter 30: Reasoned Culture vs Biased Culture
Chapter 31: Femininity vs Feminism
Chapter 32: Protecting Your Girl from Feminism & Moralism
Chapter 33: Standards
Chapter 34: Search Costs & Relationship
Chapter 35: What Should a Male Look for in a Girl?
Chapter 36: What Should a Girl Look for in a Male?
Chapter 37: Bioelectricity & Evolution
Chapter 38: Value & Pleasure
Chapter 39: Attraction
Chapter 40: Positive Tension Model
Chapter 41: Game
Chapter 42: Game in Relationship
Chapter 43: Marriage: The Sex Perpetuity
Chapter 44: The Horniness Principle
Chapter 45: Assume Horniness
Chapter 46: A Day in the Life of an Alpha Male
Chapter 47: The Alpha Code
Chapter 48: The Alpha & Beta Lifestyle
Chapter 49: Winning the Game


Part I: Perpetuity Methodology
Chapter 50: What is a Perpetuity?
Chapter 50: Perpetuity Methodology
Chapter 50: The Perpetuity Scientist
Chapter 50: Functional Specialist vs. Perpetuity Scientist

Part V: Tracking Value (Accounting)
Chapter 54: Tracking Value with Accounts
Part VI: Analyzing Value (Finance)
Chapter 55: Analyzing Value with Models
Part VII: Modeling Value
Chapter 56: Finance with Excel
Chapter 57: Financial Statement Modeling

Part VIII: How to Build a Perpetuity?
Chapter 58: How to Build a Benefit Stream?
Chapter 58: How to De-Risk the Benefit Stream?
Chapter 58: The Consumption Process & Growth Hacking
Part VIII: Perpetuity Analysis
Chapter 58: Perpetuity Science
Chapter 58: How to Be a CEO?
Chapter 58: How to Be a Consultant?
Chapter 58: Perpetuity Analysis
Part X: Perpetuity Management
Chapter 65: Perpetuity Management
Chapter 66: Valuation Methodologies
Chapter 67: Framing Valuation
Chapter 68: The Market for Perpetuities
Chapter 69: Index Building & Analysis
Chapter 70: Financial Data Sources
Part XI: How to Become a Billionaire
Chapter 71: How to Build a Unicorn
Chapter 72: The Four Habits of Billionaires
Chapter 73: Total Theme Monetization
Chapter 74: Venture Capital Valuation

Part XII: How to Sell a Perpetuity?
Chapter 75: Investment Banking
Chapter 75: How to Become an Investment Banker Methodology
Part XIII: The Middle Market
Chapter 76: Middle Market Breakdown
Part XIV: M&A Multiples
Chapter 77: M&A Multiples
Part XV: M&A Origination
Chapter 78: Origination Methodology
Part XVI: Mandate/Target Matching
Chapter 79: Mandate/Target Matching
Part XVII: Deal Structuring
Chapter 80: Deal Structuring
Part XVIII: M&A Process
Chapter 81: M&A Process
Part XIX: Firm Management
Chapter 82: How to Build a Boutique Investment Bank?
Chapter 82: Running the Boutique Investment Bank
Part XX: Deliverables & Coverage
Chapter 83: Investment Banking Deliverables
Chapter 84: Coverage
Chapter 85: Index Building & Analysis
Chapter 86: Financial Data Sources
Chapter 87: Industry or Sector Newsletter
Chapter 88: Industry or Sector Report
Chapter 89: Rolodex Building
Chapter 89: Adjusted EBITDA
Chapter 89: Valuation
Chapter 89: Teaser
Chapter 89: CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum)

Part XXI: How to Buy a Perpetuity?
Chapter 90: The Principle of Investing
Chapter 90: How to Be a Warren Buffett?
Chapter 90: The Operating Model
Chapter 91: The Financial Buyer aka Private Equity (LBO)
Chapter 92: The Strategic Buyer (Merger)
Chapter 90: The Perpetuity & Portfolio Theory

Part XXII: Cost of Living
Chapter 93: Passive Income vs. Expenses
Chapter 94: Target Countries
Part XXIII: Education
Chapter 95: Undergraduate
Chapter 96: Graduate
Chapter 97: Post-Graduate
Part XXIV: Career
Chapter 98: The Value of a Career
Chapter 99: Wall Street Career Paths
Part XXV: Portfolio Management
Chapter 100: Own Portfolio
Chapter 101: The Market Portfolio
Chapter 102: Alternative Investments
Part XXVI: GP/LP Portfolio Management
Chapter 103: Micro Venture Capital
Chapter 104: Lower Middle Market Private Equity

Chapter 105: Archetypal Body Types
Chapter 106: Developing an Archetypal Body Type
Chapter 107: Alpha Diet

Chapter 108: How to Build True Love?
Chapter 108: Alpha and Beta in Love Methodology
Chapter 109: Positive Tension Methodology
Chapter 110: Network to Love Methodology
Chapter 110: Relationship Methodology

Chapter 111: How to Be an Alpha Male Course
Chapter 112: Get Beta Girlfriend/Wife
Chapter 113: Get Investment Banking Internship
Chapter 114: Get Mectomorph or Mesomorph Body

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