How to Be an Alpha Male Course Syllabus

Alpha Mastercourse in game & finance.

A brief summary

Learn how to be an alpha male in each aspect of your life. Become alpha in finance by learning how to be a finance professional that is able to work in careers such as investment banking and private equity. Master game by learning how to select, attract, escalate, and commit with a feminine (beta) girl.

Michael Herlache MBA - Alpha University

What you will learn

You will learn game and finance.

  • Alpha in finance.
  • Game with the positive tension model
  • Alphain health

Learn game and finance from experienced investment banking professionals that sleep with beautiful women.

Stage One Alpha in Philosophy

The How to Be an Alpha Male course begins with the philosophy of the alpha male.

Chapter 1: Alpha Male Methodology

Chapter 2: Reason & The Genders
Chapter 2: High Value Models
Chapter 3: What is an Archetype?
Chapter 4: Gender Archetypes
Chapter 5: Alpha Male vs. Beta Male
Chapter 6: Beta Female vs. Alpha Female
Chapter 7: How to Be a Beta Female?
Chapter 9: Where to Find Beta Females?
Chapter 10: The Purpose of Life: Alpha & Beta in Love
Chapter 11: Behavioral Modeling
Chapter 12: The Value Spectrum
Chapter 13: The Purpose of Life
Chapter 14: Principles of Alpha & Beta
Chapter 15: Ego
Chapter 16: How to Reason?
Chapter 16: Reason vs. Bias
Chapter 16: Zero Sum vs. Positive Sum & Synergy
Chapter 16: The Natural Organizing of Society
Chapter 17: Protecting the Natural Organizing of Society
Chapter 18: The Reasoned Narrative
Chapter 19: The Biased Narrative
Chapter 20: Dealing with Accusations from Beta Males & Alpha Females
Chapter 21: Objectivism
Chapter 22: Epistemology, Reason & Schema
Chapter 23: Biased Philosophies
Chapter 24: Reasoned Behavior vs Biased Behavior
Chapter 25: The Reason Reward Cycle
Chapter 26: Clarity vs. Agreement
Chapter 30: Reasoned Culture vs Biased Culture
Chapter 31: Femininity vs Feminism
Chapter 32: Protecting Your Girl from Feminism & Moralism
Chapter 33: Standards
Chapter 34: Search Costs & Relationship
Chapter 35: What Should a Male Look for in a Girl?
Chapter 36: What Should a Girl Look for in a Male?
Chapter 37: Bioelectricity & Evolution
Chapter 38: Value & Pleasure
Chapter 39: Attraction
Chapter 40: Positive Tension Model
Chapter 41: Game
Chapter 42: Game in Relationship
Chapter 43: Marriage: The Sex Perpetuity
Chapter 44: The Horniness Principle
Chapter 45: Assume Horniness
Chapter 46: A Day in the Life of an Alpha Male
Chapter 47: The Alpha Code
Chapter 48: The Alpha & Beta Lifestyle
Chapter 49: Winning the Game

Chapter 111: How to Be an Alpha Male Course
Chapter 112: Get Beta Girlfriend/Wife
Chapter 113: Get Investment Banking Internship
Chapter 114: Get Mectomorph or Mesomorph Body

  • Duration: 6 hours
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Stage Two Alpha in Love

The second portion of the How to Be an Alpha Male course is on alpha in love and how to select, escalate with, lay, and commit with a beta female.

Chapter 108: How to Build True Love?
Chapter 108: Alpha and Beta in Love Methodology
Chapter 109: Positive Tension Methodology
Chapter 110: Network to Love Methodology
Chapter 110: Relationship Methodology

  • Duration: 6 hours
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Stage Three Alpha in Finance

The third part of the How to Be an Alpha Male course is on alpha in finance; namely investment banking, private equity, and building perpetuities.


Part I: Perpetuity Methodology
Chapter 50: What is a Perpetuity?
Chapter 50: Perpetuity Methodology
Chapter 50: The Perpetuity Scientist
Chapter 50: Functional Specialist vs. Perpetuity Scientist

Part V: Tracking Value (Accounting)
Chapter 54: Tracking Value with Accounts
Part VI: Analyzing Value (Finance)
Chapter 55: Analyzing Value with Models
Part VII: Modeling Value
Chapter 56: Finance with Excel
Chapter 57: Financial Statement Modeling

Part VIII: How to Build a Perpetuity?
Chapter 58: How to Build a Benefit Stream?
Chapter 58: How to De-Risk the Benefit Stream?
Chapter 58: The Consumption Process & Growth Hacking
Part VIII: Perpetuity Analysis
Chapter 58: Perpetuity Science
Chapter 58: How to Be a CEO?
Chapter 58: How to Be a Consultant?
Chapter 58: Perpetuity Analysis
Part X: Perpetuity Management
Chapter 65: Perpetuity Management
Chapter 66: Valuation Methodologies
Chapter 67: Framing Valuation
Chapter 68: The Market for Perpetuities
Chapter 69: Index Building & Analysis
Chapter 70: Financial Data Sources
Part XI: How to Become a Billionaire
Chapter 71: How to Build a Unicorn
Chapter 72: The Four Habits of Billionaires
Chapter 73: Total Theme Monetization
Chapter 74: Venture Capital Valuation

Part XII: How to Sell a Perpetuity?
Chapter 75: Investment Banking
Chapter 75: How to Become an Investment Banker Methodology
Part XIII: The Middle Market
Chapter 76: Middle Market Breakdown
Part XIV: M&A Multiples
Chapter 77: M&A Multiples
Part XV: M&A Origination
Chapter 78: Origination Methodology
Part XVI: Mandate/Target Matching
Chapter 79: Mandate/Target Matching
Part XVII: Deal Structuring
Chapter 80: Deal Structuring
Part XVIII: M&A Process
Chapter 81: M&A Process
Part XIX: Firm Management
Chapter 82: How to Build a Boutique Investment Bank?
Chapter 82: Running the Boutique Investment Bank
Part XX: Deliverables & Coverage
Chapter 83: Investment Banking Deliverables
Chapter 84: Coverage
Chapter 85: Index Building & Analysis
Chapter 86: Financial Data Sources
Chapter 87: Industry or Sector Newsletter
Chapter 88: Industry or Sector Report
Chapter 89: Rolodex Building
Chapter 89: Adjusted EBITDA
Chapter 89: Valuation
Chapter 89: Teaser
Chapter 89: CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum)

Part XXI: How to Buy a Perpetuity?
Chapter 90: The Principle of Investing
Chapter 90: How to Be a Warren Buffett?
Chapter 90: The Operating Model
Chapter 91: The Financial Buyer aka Private Equity (LBO)
Chapter 92: The Strategic Buyer (Merger)
Chapter 90: The Perpetuity & Portfolio Theory

Part XXII: Cost of Living
Chapter 93: Passive Income vs. Expenses
Chapter 94: Target Countries
Part XXIII: Education
Chapter 95: Undergraduate
Chapter 96: Graduate
Chapter 97: Post-Graduate
Part XXIV: Career
Chapter 98: The Value of a Career
Chapter 99: Wall Street Career Paths
Part XXV: Portfolio Management
Chapter 100: Own Portfolio
Chapter 101: The Market Portfolio
Chapter 102: Alternative Investments
Part XXVI: GP/LP Portfolio Management
Chapter 103: Micro Venture Capital
Chapter 104: Lower Middle Market Private Equity

  • Duration: 6 hours
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Stage Four Alpha in Health

The fourth part of the How to Be an Alpha Male course is on alpha in health. We identify the ideal body types and put together a plan to achieve one of them.

Chapter 105: Archetypal Body Types
Chapter 106: Developing an Archetypal Body Type
Chapter 107: Alpha Diet

  • Duration: 6 hours
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