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Learn how to be an alpha male in each aspect of your life. Become alpha in finance by learning how to be a finance professional that is able to work in careers such as investment banking and private equity. Master game by learning how to select, attract, escalate, and commit with a feminine (beta) girl.

Alpha University is dedicated to making males more dominant in the areas of finance and game. Our instructors are investment banking professionals trained in high finance and are also successful in their love lives. There are many books and workshops that teach pickup, but Alpha University is about using game to find true love with a feminine female that lasts a lifetime.

Michael Herlache MBA Alpha University


Friday Evening: Alpha in Philosophy

  • IntroductionHow to Be an Alpha Male

    The definition for archetype is: The original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.

    An archetype provides an ideal that evolved through time. We can apply archetypes to male/female relationships to understand selection, attraction, escalation, sex & commitment. Namely, there is an archetype for the male and an archetype for the female. Archetypes explain selection, attraction, escalation, sex & commitment.

    The archetype for the male is masculinity. We call this archetype alpha. The archetype for the female is femininity. We call this archetype beta.

    The key to success for a male is to become the male gender archetype, alpha. The key to success for a female is to become the female gender archetype, beta.

    Alpha has to do with excellence in love, finance & health. Beta has to do with excellence in love & health. The rest of this text will thus be broken down into the components of the male archetype alpha. From there we will do a deep dive into each and how they relate to creation of a high value male.

  • LectureAlpha Male Philosophy

    The alpha and beta behavioral model guides the male and female in determining what behavior is ideal and what behavior is not ideal. Alpha (i.e. masculinity) is ideal behavior for the male. Beta (i.e. femininity) is ideal behavior for the female.

    Alpha for the male (sex drive). The male should be striving towards alpha. Alpha maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure) in the male.

    Beta for the female (love drive). The female should be striving towards beta. Beta maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure in the female.

  • ExercisePhilosophy Building

    I. Alpha and Beta in Love Methodology

    Traditional Gender Archetypes:

    Alpha for the male (sex drive). The male should be striving towards alpha. Alpha maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure) in the male.

    Beta for the female (love drive). The female should be striving towards beta. Beta maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure in the female.

    I. Alpha and Beta in Love Methodology

    The Love Archetype:

    An alpha male and a beta female in love is the love archetype. This archetype is what we should be striving towards. The love archetype maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure) in both the male and female.

Saturday: Alpha in Love

  • IntroductionWhat is a Beta Female?

    Beta Female:

    Gender archetype for the female (i.e. feminine)

    Prioritizes love over career

    High value

    Love with the male is her number one priority

    Alpha Female:

    Opposite of the gender archetype for the female (i.e. masculine)

    Prioritizes career over love

    Low value

    Love with the male is not her number one priority

  • LectureAlpha in Love

    Spiking and Sustaining Bioelectricity

    Using the positive tension model we are intentionally trying to create positive tension with the girl that is the source of attraction and love. We are not going to break the tension but merely satisfy the tension through sex and repeat as shown in the model.

    Positive Tension Model:

    1. Teasing, playful, sexual, and direct
    2. Physical escalation
    3. Sex
    4. Cuddle
    5. Commit (tell “I love you”)
    6. Repeat

    Conclusion Build and maintain positive tension which means spiking bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure) in the girl. Lead this bioelectricity towards love and turn into a lifetime of Alpha and Beta in Love.

  • BreakLunch and coffee break

    Walk/drive to local restaurant/cafe

  • ExerciseFinding Beta Females

    Where to find beta females?

    In countries that have cultures that reinforce gender archetypes.

    We can see the culture based upon what the country's media, education, and politicians portray as heroic (ideals). In the West, the female being alpha and the male being portrayed as beta is held out as heroic. Beta females will not be found here. Women prioritize career over love in the West. The cultures in the west in fact hostile to gender archetypes. Just ask your average Western woman what she thinks about gender archetypes.

    Would you like to spend your time picking up low value or high value women? Herein lies the difference between Alpha University and other pickup literature. Alpha University focuses on selecting high value women instead of low value women. Other pickup literature assumes that all women have equal value. They do not make the distinction between alpha and beta females. Feminism is synonymous with low value for the female as it advocates the woman being alpha. Due to feminism in the West, low value women even think that they are high value.

    Feminism is a core tenet of progressivism. Watch how many women vote for a progressive alpha woman in the next election and this will tell you about the culture. You can also observe the effects of feminism in the spike in the divorce rate in the USA to 50% of marriages. The rise in feminism coincides with the rise in the divorce rate. Beta females do not get divorced as love with the male is her number one priority. Men with beta females experience this love and stay in love. If you are interested in staying married, selecting a beta female is going to be key.

    Having sex with low value women can be fun, but I suggest that you raise your standards. Having sex and love with a beta female is much more rewarding than simply pursuing endless same night lays with low value women. I would know, I have successfully done both and I can tell you that waking up next to your true love is priceless. I tell my wife everyday that she is my treasure and I truly feel and believe it.

  • PracticeSelect a Beta Female

    I. Alpha and Beta in Love Methodology

    Traditional Gender Archetypes:

    Alpha for the male (sex drive). The male should be striving towards alpha. Alpha maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure) in the male.

    Beta for the female (love drive). The female should be striving towards beta. Beta maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure in the female.

    I. Alpha and Beta in Love Methodology

    The Love Archetype:

    An alpha male and a beta female in love is the love archetype. This archetype is what we should be striving towards. The love archetype maximizes bioelectricity (i.e. pleasure) in both the male and female.

Sunday: Alpha in Finance & Alpha in Health

  • IntroductionWhat is Investment Banking & Private Equity?

    Investment banking is the business of raising capital for companies and providing advice on financing and mergers and acquisition restructuring alternatives. The field of investment banking does not refer to one function but a wide breadth of activities. Careers in this field may involve the valuation of potential acquisitions, assessing the credit-worthiness of bonds, company valuation, management of initial public offerings, equity and bond financing, in addition to a variety of consulting services.

    Investment banks are usually classified into two categories; Corporate Finance (“Investment Banking”) and Sales & Trading. Corporate finance divisions are tasked with raising capital and providing M&A advisory while the sales & trading divisions perform research and broker financial transactions on behalf of clients and the firm. It is important to note that although they may exist inside an investment bank; those working in sales & trading are not to be referred to as investment bankers. Rather, these professionals are known as either sales brokers or traders that work in sales & trading.

    Furthermore, within the corporate finance division of the investment bank, there exist groups that are divided along industry- or product-lines. Industry groups include: Financials, Institutions, and Governments (“FIG”); Health Care; energy; Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (“TMT”); and Consumer Goods among others. Product groups include M&A, debt and equity capital markets, and merchant banking in addition to others.

    While many of the largest investment banks have converted to bank holding companies in the wake of the financial crises, a typical full-service investment bank will offer the following services which further segment careers within the field of investment banking:

    Mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”), otherwise known as financial advisory, is the product group within the bank that advises clients on the strategic alternatives and analyzes the corresponding affects on the firm’s value-creation efforts. This product group includes M&A and restructurings & reorganizations in addition to other client-specific transaction expertise. M&A bankers guide their clients in determining which companies and/or divisions to acquire and which to divest (i.e. sell) in order to execute their respective corporate-level strategies. Ultimately, these processionals run what is known as the M&A process on either a seller’s behalf (“sell-side”) or a buyer’s behalf (“buy-side”). The M&A process involves evaluating the performance of a prospective client, formulating a buyer or target list, facilitating interactions between parties, performing valuation analysis and due diligence, making or assessing bids, structure the terms of the transaction, ultimately implement chosen alternative.

    The debt and equity capital markets groups within an investment bank facilitate the raising and placement of capital on behalf of organizations that need capital and those which excess capital to invest. The type of financial instrument (i.e. debt, equity, hybrid) used in the placement of capital depends on the nature of the investment, the desired level of risk of the investor, and the general climate in the financial markets and sector.

    When approaching the public markets for an initial offering, investment banks are said to underwrite the issue when they take possession of the securities before they are subsequently sold to investors. Once the issue has been purchased by investors, the client firm is said to have “gone public” if the organization had not previously raised capital in the public markets. On the other hand, when raising capital in the private markets, investment banks are said to sell the securities to investors in a “private placement”. Private placements are subject to less regulatory requirements than public offerings, but may ultimately be more expensive to the client’s firm since the secondary market (i.e. buying and selling of existing securities) is much less liquid (i.e. able to buy and sell securities without moving prices) when compared to the secondary markets for publicly issued securities.

    Sales and trading refers to the department within the bank that is responsible for distributing/selling all of the financial products developed by the investment bank. Once, the capital needs of a client have been determined and the type, amount, and structure of the financial instrument identified, the sales & trading arm acts to place the financial asset in public or private markets. While an investment bank may treat this as one group, sales and trading do in fact possess distinct roles and responsibilities. Additionally, those in sales seek to provide their institutional clients with guidance on new issues of financial products, portfolio optimization, and transaction support.

    Sales and trading can be further segmented into investment research, proprietary trading, and private equity/merchant banking.

  • LectureAlpha in Finance

    Standard of Living – Perpetuities & Investment

    I. The Goal
    The goal is to increase standard of living without sacrificing quality of life

    II. How to Get to the Goal
    In order to increase standard of living without sacrificing quality of life we build or buy perpetuities

    III. Perpetuity
    Perpetuities increase standard of living without sacrificing quality of life

    IV. Building Perpetuities
    Building perpetuities is known as entrepreneurship

    V. Buying Perpetuities
    Buying perpetuities is known as investment

    VI. The Science of Investment
    The science of investment is known as finance

    VII. The Lab of Finance
    The experimentation & optimization lab in finance is known as Excel

    VIII. Excel
    Excel is the scientific computational tool of finance in order to aid us in finding and buying perpetuities or even building perpetuities  

    Perpetuities – Buy vs. Build

    I. The Goal
    Goal is to create/purchase one perpetuity in order to maximize standard of living while not sacrificing quality of life.

    II. Demand for Perpetuities
    Institutional investors are after perpetuities and they can pay higher multiples for returns over a longer time horizon

    III. Types of Perpetuities
    Perpetuities can be created from software and other intellectual property or businesses with economies of scale or scope
    The market portfolio is also perpetuity
    Large cap companies with high economies of scale

    IV. Example of Perpetuities
    MS Office, Facebook
    Market portfolio
    Coca Cola, Microsoft  

    Business – The Science of Perpetuities

    I. Introduction to Business
    Business is the science of building or buying perpetuities

    Perpetuity value = PMT / Discount rate

    II. Business as Science
    To maximize returns, either invest in building perpetuities (software, intellectual property) or invest in the market portfolio. If an organization is not a perpetuity, do not invest time, energy or resources.

    II. Business Priorities
    Priority for startups:
    1. Turn business into perpetuity

    Priorities for existing business:
    1. Maintain business being a perpetuity
    2. Turn business into growing perpetuity
    II. Business Reality
    Don’t worry about growth. Growth comes after becoming a perpetuity
    Startup is a misnomer as a business is a 10 year commitment only going ramen profitable in year 3. You will have no income for three years. Startup is acquisition of database, building of platform, communicating to users, converting to active users.

  • BreakLunch and coffee break

    Walk/drive to local restaurant/cafe

  • Exercise & PracticeFinancial Modeling & Valuation

    I. Analyzing Value
    Strategics, financials, and entrepreneurs undertake investment with the expectation of NPV & IRR. They accept projects that have positive NPV and IRR higher than the cost of capital. They actively find and structure positive NPV projects and then match financial products to them.

    The positive NPV project is ideally a perpetuity with the value of the business being the perpetuity value:

    Perpetuity value = PMT / Discount rate

    Calculating NPV & IRR is the main analytical work of finance.

    *Growth statistic CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is yearly IRR

    II. From Accounts to Models
    To go from accounts (accounting) to a finance number we use models. We only use Free Cash Flow to determine valuation for major transactions in a capitalist economy including restructuring, growth, M&A, and capital raising.

    To go from account filings to models, we need to “clean the numbers”, “scrub the financials”, “normalize the financials”. This amounts to recasting accounts to get to a finance number. We try to get to a finance number to get to a valuation. We get to a valuation to then take actions in a capitalist economy.

    *We want more add backs to get to a higher valuation

    III. Modeling
    After getting valuation, we can then model the different actions we can take in a capitalist economy to increase the valuation of the strategic, financial or entrepreneurial firm.

    IV. Modeling in Excel
    Just like our account statements, our models are built and exist in Excel

    V. Analysis of Account Statements
    Analysis of account statements (ratio of analysis) has various uses including from a liquidity perspective, commercial bank perspective, activity perspective, profitability perspective, and growth perspective.

    Ex. 4x-7x debt multiple for lending purposes  

  • LectureAlpha in Health

    Archetypal Body Types

    Fitness increases levels of bioelectricity in a sustained manner. Working out itself increases bioelectricity and then there is a sustained higher level of bioelectricity permanently.

    Alpha in health means obtaining and maintaining a body type that is between mectomorph and mesomorph with the ideal being no fat and all fast twitch muscle.

    Girls are also the most interested in mectomorph and mesomorph body types in males evolutionarily speaking. It is important for the male to obtain a mectomorph or mesomorph body type in order to maximize his own bioelectricity as well as maximize attraction with females.  

    Developing an Archetypal Body Type

    Mectomorph is all fast twitch muscle and no fat while mesomorph has both fast and slow twitch muscle and no fat. If you are an ectomorph and cannot put on muscle or fat, your goal is mectomorph. The training is high levels of weight lifting focusing on the major masculine muscle groups. If you are an endomorph and cannot lose fat, your goal is mesomorph. The training should be high levels of cardio particularly running. Fast twitch muscle is the ideal as it maximizes bioelectricity. Slow twitch still has bioelectricity, just not as much as fast twitch muscle.

How to Be an Alpha Male

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